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sex and drugs

Title: sex and drugs
She intrudes on their stay that day, visits in their abode, hoping for rest – a moment of pause.
Warning: None.
Rating: K+/PG

Author's Note: This, I believe, falls into the category of "venting piece" - however, I'm really proud of it.


sex and drugs

[throw some glitter, make it rain]

There’s a moment of pause.

            Swirls of abstract colors surround her, highlighting her glowing skin and flowing locks. Flashes of light and dark, black and white, twirl before her; patterns of gold and silver, bronze and steel, stretch in the air around her.  Nothing summons her, nothing attracts her, nothing compels her. She just is.

            Calm remains in the pigmented ash. Glitter settles in the wind, falling to the earth peacefully and slowly. Silence reigns supreme, commanding the squadrons of harmony and melody. While visuals fade, the acoustics capture the screen, a slideshow of genres and rhythms.

            The birds remain hushed and still, neither trembling nor eager, neither alert nor conscious. They observe in tranquility and without motive, just sitting – doing nothing. The crickets chirp subtly, enhancing the off-beats of silence in the air and mirroring the churns of butterflies in her stomach. The frogs croak in an easy disharmony, in a valued confusion; their voice clash against the crack of the fire and the howl of the wind and the crash of the sea.

            A deep breath escapes her lungs, drawing in blends of cinnamon and honey and jasmine. The vanilla musk reaches her as rabbits hop beside her feet and a cardinal soars above. Life continues around her, embracing her, welcoming her. She intrudes on their stay that day, visits in their abode, hoping for rest – a moment of pause.

            The sun straddles the border between risen and set, orange and full. She squints into the distance, the white halo burning her eyes. Shivers tease her skin as the breeze giggles against her and warmth engulfs her blood as the intermittent glares of heat laugh around her. Blades of grass tickle her bare feet, dew seeping between her toes and dirt crusting underneath her heels. She smiles, heart constricting and expanding in rhythm, fingers combing hair. Her eyes turn upward again, as the blue turns further darker, an indigo tinted with stark white.

            The first tear falls when she first spots the moon. It’s large and big, looming and bright; the salt water of the seas gathers in her eyes. She can’t comprehend why – reason dictates the uselessness, the stupidity; logic explicates the faultiness, the needlessness. But the tears fall, each drop soaking her cheeks and grabbing her heart.

            The moon shines completely when she finally sits on the lonely bench, rusty metal itching the denim. A whiff of wind sends her hair flying; tears dry momentarily on her face and she sighs deeply at the vast expanse before her – roads crisscrossed and unexplored, strangers varied and unknown. She hugs her knees to her chest and tips of hair tickle her face as they sway with her movements. Eyes remain glued to outline of trees and diagrams and yellow and gold and hands and flowers and glitter and light. The tears are gone now, ignored but not forgotten, stored but not eliminated.

            She grins when an owl hoots and a far-off remnant of bass thumps. She ties back her hair, wipes her cheeks, and picks up the newly administered folder of paper – paper so thin and fragile, so meaningful and heavy. She walks off the graveled path, following patches of dirt and grass, squished flowers and seeds crunching beneath her feet. She lifts her chin into the air and winks at the glimmering stars, blinking at their dances of joy.

            She smiles.

            There’s a moment of pause.

            Her foot crushes the twig with a snap, and a whisper of a sniffle mixes in with the sound of her triumphant heartbeat.


July 2011



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