it's written all over your face

i fell in love with you suddenly

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a collection of sushi's fanfiction
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Digimon, Power Rangers, Harry Potter, Skins, Merlin, Disney, etc. or anything else you may recognize. They belong to their owners.

This is where I, sushimonster724, post the fanfiction that I feel deserves being posted on LJ. All of my work, good and bad alike, can be found in my fanfiction.net account, but I've decided to post some of my later work, my better work, on LJ as well.

Fandoms: Digimon, Glee, Harry Potter, House of Anubis, Lemonade Mouth, Merlin, Skins, Twilight, Zoey 101

Fics that are public have already been posted fully elsewhere or have been written completely. Friend-locked fics are abandoned pieces that currently inspire no muse. If there's enough interest for those pieces, I may continue them.